Harbour Island Telephone Number
(021) 856-4139
Harbour Island E-mail Address info@harbourisland.org.za
Harbour Island Telephone Number
(021) 856-4139
Harbour Island E-mail Address
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Harbour Island

The Company is incorporated as a non-profit Company, as defined in the Act. 

The objects of the Company are to manage, protect and oversee the collective interests of all its members in the Development.

Levies are payable by every member.  The Board of Directors shall establish, from time to time, the quantum and payment terms of levies, including special levies, which is reasonably required and sufficient in the opinion of the Board, to finance the Company's reasonable expenses and to maintain adequate reserves in order to meet its objects.


The secure lifestyle of Harbour Island is paramount to the Estate and includes:

24 hour, 7 days a week manned security

Regular pro-active foot patrols

Perimeter electric fencing and walls

CCTV cameras thoughout the Estate

Residents have to be registered to receive their own access disk.  All movements in and out the Estate are logged.


Management of Harbour Island

As some residents are uncertain of how Harbour Island is managed, the following is a summary of the Management Process followed in Harbour Island.

The Board of Directors meet monthly.  At these meetings, the various committees report to the Board of Directors.  These Committees eg. Security, Finance and Architectural (Archom) have monthly meetings prior to the Directors’ meetings.  The minutes of these meetings, findings and proposals are presented to the Board by the relevant Director/s that represent the Board on that specific Committee.  Maintenance reports are also submitted to the Directors at their meetings.

The Trustees of the various Body Corporates and Mooring Owners Association also hold monthly meetings and if there are any matters that require the attention of HIMHOA, the Board of Directors will be notified and their assistance or advice will be requested.  At these meetings, all matters relating to the specific entity are discussed, for example, maintenance, monthly financial statements and affairs of the Body Corporate.

Quarterly Directors and Trustees meetings are held where the Trustees of all the Body Corporates and Homeowners Associations are invited to attend.  Matters relating to Harbour Island are discussed at these meetings.

Staff in managerial positions, whether Administration, Maintenance or Security, report to the abovementioned Board of Directors/Trustees and Committees.  They also implement any decisions taken at these meetings.

We kindly request that all communication (preferably in writing) be channelled via the Estate Office from where the relevant issue will be referred to the relevant Committee / Board of Directors / Trustees.  Decisions are only taken by a Board of Directors or by a Board of Trustees, and not by a single Director or Trustee.  Your co-operation in respecting the channels of communication will be greatly appreciated.

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